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10.Georgia drivers are required to have liability insurance coverage. The minimum limits are $25,000.00 for bodily injury for one person, $50,000.00 for bodily injury for all injured individuals in one accident, and $25,000.00 for property damage.
9. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you against uninsured or under-insured drivers.
8. If you are injured in an accident by a drunk driver you may be entitled to punitive damages.
7. If hit by a drunk driver you may also be able to recover against third parties.
6. Sometimes people suffer serious injuries even if the property damage to their car is minimal.
5. Lost wages and loss of earning capacity are recoverable damages in Georgia.
4. General damages, or “Pain and Suffering” damages can be recovered without proof of any specific amount.
3. Some insurance companies are notorious for offering “low-ball” settlements and basically daring the injured party to sue.
2. You generally have two years from the date of accident to file suit against the negligent party. In some circumstances (for example in case of legal minors) this statute of limitations can be extended. It is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect you from this deadline.
1.  The best way to maximize your recovery is to hire an experienced attorney. The insurance adjusters will often off unrepresented parties a quick, low settlement. Studies have shown that the value of a personal injury case rises when an attorney represents the injured victim. So before you accept their low-ball offer, call me today.